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Our girl has had AKC registered Weimaraner puppies
on 8/9/2017. If you are interested in getting one
I will be glad to talk to you about ours. We
live in Mt Enterprise, TX. Pickup date will be the
Saturday Sep 30,2017. That would make them 4 days
under 8 wks old. A little basic information
about us: I had my first Weimaraner as a kid. He
lived to be 17 years old. He was super old. We
live on a farm in East Texas. I have five dogs
four female and one male. We started out with two
females and after two years got a male. Last year
we got two more females that are almost two years
old. All of them are AKC registered. If you have
not had a Weimaraner, you should check them out;
they are so cool. I would love to tell you about
them before you commit to getting one. I talk or
email and can’t text because of my work. Deposit.
I take a $50 deposit, with the Emailed answers to
my application. You can mail a check or money
order after we talk. This gets you on my list for
one or more of the new pups. I will keep you
informed on the pups after that. Application. I
have a list of questions that I need you to fill
out. Twelve questions about you. No sensitive
information, just dog related questions and info.
List of questions. 1. Your address 2. Your Name 3.
Your phone number. 4. What gender are you wanting
to get? 5. What pets do you have? 6. Have you had
a Weimaraner before? 7. What are the measurements
of your yard? 8. What type of fence do you have?
9. What pets do your neighbors have? 10. Name
address and phone of the Vet you will be using?
11. Do you have little kids? 12. Have you
researched how to train dogs? Puppy selection. I
will be glad to show the pups but if you
can’t make it to our house I will be glad to send
pics and reserve the dog you pick. I use color
coded collars to help make it easy.

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September 9, 2017 1:18 am