Shih Tzu

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We are seeing lots of Pupanality in these ACA Reg. Tiny Shih-Tzu’s. Charting 6-9 lbs. 10wks old. Come and Meet, to see if one is a match for you. Call my House Phone for more information.

By Puddle Duck Farm Martie Wheeler

We enjoy our pets so much. They have so much personality, especially how they talk to you. They will carry a conversation with you like no other. So much expression in their vocals and facial/body movements. This is the best part of what they past down to their babies. They are such a cuddler, very laid back and follow you anywhere. Their championship on paper they have not. They are our Heroes and Champions in our hearts. You see, one in particular has saved my husband from a snake bite and diabetic attache on different occasions. We have sold some that were going to be service dogs for autistic children. Regardless of your need, they will be there and love you unconditionally.

February 7, 2018 8:53 pm