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Oliver is a teacup chihuahua! They do not grow they are very cute and small. He is black and white. Just turned 2 years old in March. He comes with his passport/ imminuzation card. I am selling because he was a companionship for my autistic son, but they aren’t getting along well. My son is a bit too rough. If needed I can add his dog cage(where he sleeps while open) dog leash, harness, etc for an extra $50. $250 total. Great price! We payed $550 for him in December.

By Yesenia Murdaugh

I am a loving mother of an autistic child. We got our doggy in December for xmas- now as a companionship for my son. We hoped it would teach him how to be caring, and compassionate. Instead the dog and him fight all day long, and my son is a bit rough with him.

July 18, 2018 12:24 pm