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AKC Vizsla Puppies! Daisy’s blue collar boy is ALL Boy!! Loves to wrestle and explore! He shows more independence in personality than submissiveness. Loves to cuddle up underneath anything he can find. He alerts with loud noises but doesn’t cry or hide. His frame Is amount the bigger in comparison to the rest of the litter. to find out more. You can reserve him by clicking our PayPal link:

By Pure Vizsla Seek and Point pierce

We live on 7 acres and we love it! We especially love that our dogs have lots of room to roam, play, hunt and exercise. We always accommodate both physical and emotional health aspects for each pup. They are observed and loved everyday to ensure happy and healthy dogs. DAISY MAY: This girl knows how to love and be loved! If there is a bird near, she is stalking and hunting for it! She has provided amazing additions to many great families across Western America. She is smaller framed with a very gentle temperament. LOLA JANE: This girl has outstanding cognitive abilities. She is full of energy and spunk! A quick learner and only desires to obey and please. Her recent ancestors being straight from Hungary. Her dad is an outstanding hunter. Lola maintains a bigger frame for a female vizsla and is extremely muscular and strong in stature.

July 29, 2018 8:28 pm