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Papillons are considered to be the most
intelligent of all the toy breeds. They were THE”
dog of French Royalty. They are also
hypoallergenic as people that would normally be
allergic to a pet will not be to this type of dog.
They also have a lot of personality and are just
plain FUN to own. We have super cute pups and they
are all black & white with GREAT markings. Our
puppies are home raised with a lot of love. We are
not a puppy mill. We are aware of at least 2 puppy
mills selling papillons and you can tell
the difference as they breed more than papillons
and we only breed papillons.We do not make a
profit on the placing of our pups; rather, the
money we get goes for vet bills, etc. to keep the
dogs we keep healthy and to cover the expense of
training them for potential therapy work or to be
a GREAT family pet. We own both the parents of our
litter. The puppies had their dew claws removed @
4 days of age and a vet exam and were found to be
healthy. We will pay for their initial vet
expenses including 3 vet exams,3 puppy shots, and
2 wormings prior to releasing them. We will begin
the house-breaking process and getting them
socialized. Our puppies also get a very high
caliber diet of better quality dry puppy food as
soon as they start the weaning process and a
serving a day of nonfat plain yogurt
and hard-boiled egg twice a week. The yogurt is
important for their bones and teeth and the egg is
good for their coat, brain function, and vision.
Their mom will also continue to nurse them until
the day of delivery or up until 10 weeks whichever
comes first. We guarantee the puppy’s health and
we have never had a puppy with worms or any
serious problems and we DO NOT INBREED. They will
be heavily socialized & potty training and will be
very healthy and ready for their new home and will
be available for final delivery after December
1st. They will be great for some types of therapy
work. We will consider financing @ 0% for up to a
full year with only 695.00 down for males
homeowners in metro Denver or southern Wyoming.The
pup is normally 795.00 down but we are having a
sale right now and offering $100.00 off the normal
price. Our pups are of the highest quality. The
695 is the base price and is the down payment. We
might consider dividing the down payment into 2
separate monthly payments for both males and
females and the payments would only be 84.00 a
month for the year. We give a $100.00 discount off
a second puppy. We will deliver FREE within 75
miles of Denver or Cheyenne depending on weather
conditions. There are no additional charges for
the puppy and we give you a FREE puppy kit to get
you started and we are available 24/7 to help you
with your purchase. We are also offering a special
pricing for purchasing Sumdance and Jesse
James together. Sundance and Jesse were both at
the vet and received their last puppy shot and
they are now completely up to date. The vet says
they are very healthy and ready for a new home.
New pics upon request. Call 720-320-7669 for
Colorado or Wyoming at 307-343-5747.

December 25, 2018 3:01 am