American Water Spaniel Puppies For Sale & Info

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American Water Spaniel

Nation of Origin: United States.

Measure: 15 – 18 inches; 24-45 pounds

Coat: Consists of longish sleek hair. Hues can be liver, darker, or dull chocolate.

Character: This canine is delicate, has a high agony resilience, and is once in a while meek. It is wise and faithful to its lord. Woofing can be an issue.

Demeanor: The American Water Spaniel is great with different mutts in the family, yet can be forceful toward unusual pooches. It is commonly delicate with different creatures and youngsters.

Care: The coat needs week after week brushing. The hair around the feet and topknot might be cut. The ears ought to be kept an eye all the time.

Preparing: Strong-gave preparing techniques are commonly inadequate. Sessions ought to be short, progressing and happen every day.

Action: This pooch is a characteristic admirer of water, a gifted retriever and seeker. It needs every day work out, ideally as a long walk.

American Water Spaniel Puppies For Sale & Info

January 15, 2019 1:37 am