Australian Cattle/ Blue Heeler

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Diesel is a sweet cuddly puppy. He’s starting to eat and play with his litter mates. He’s stocky with a blocky head. He’ll make a wonderful cow dog or a companion.

By Montana Blue Heelers Brandstadt

Hi! Our family raises Australian Cattle dogs or Blue Heelers in beautiful Montana. We've been breeders for over 10 years. Our farm also borders the famous Yellowstone River that's a great river to take the dogs swimming. Our dogs have plenty of room to run and explore. We have a lot of ranches that use Blue Heelers for moving cattle and sheep in Montana. I fell in love with the Blue Heelers when a friend gave my son a puppy as a gift. Since then we've loved having them around as they're so smart and easily trained. They make wonderful pets and companions. We start by feeding our expectant females fresh chicken that we raise along with other nutritious food so we have healthy puppies at birth. We exercise the mom's on a regular basis. Once the puppies are born we start socializing them so they're not timid. The parents have wonderful temperaments and anyone can pet them.

January 17, 2019 4:21 pm