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australian shepherd

Akc aussie puppies for sale Out of my diabetic alert service dog and my therapy dog – akc registered – Genetic testing done – Dewclaws […]

German shepherds

We have 6 purebred AKC registered German Shepherd puppies available! we have 3 males and 3 females available for $1500, but we will accept $200 […]

Mini Australian Shepherd

Misty is a 10 week old registered Mini-Australian Shepherd puppy. DOB is 3/4/19. Dew claws removed, tails docked according to standards, micro-chipped, wormed, and vaccinations […]


I need a home for this new sweet puppy. Only 12 weeks old. All vaccinations are up to date. Vet bills will be covered for […]

White Lab

Sonny is a 6 month old male white lab. He’s great with kids and other dogs. He’s friendly and sweet. We unfortunately cannot keep him […]


Cavapoo puppies Super cute and cuddly. Vaccinations- health check

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Puppy Tips & Help

How To Increase Milk Production In A Momma Dog (Bitch) With A New Litter Of Puppies

So, there comes a time where we might need to help a new mom increase her milk production after she has puppies, if we are not able to do this successfully and pretty quick, we will need to bottle feed the puppies - and when puppies are newborns, they really need to be eating every 2 to 4 hours, which leads to tons of work but puppy lives and dog lives are very important so the hard work will pay off! Most moms that just had a newborn litter of puppies will not have full milk production until a few days after having puppies sometimes, as the full milk production does not immediately drop and happen quickly. It is important the newborn puppies are number #1 staying very warm and #2 eating are frequently as they should be eating. Also, sometimes newborn puppies need help learning how to really get milk, and you will need to assist them on how to successfully latch onto momma dogs nipples and start eating and sucking milk on their own. Some puppies that are smaller might also b…
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How To Choose The Right Dog Breed For You & Your Family

  Choosing the right dog breed for you and your family is very important. Do you like dogs? Are you planning to bring one for you, your lifestyle and family? Choosing the right dog breed for you is the most important decision you can make before bringing one at home. Go through the below tips on how to choose the right dog breed for you and your family. Experience with dogs – An experienced dog owner will handle stubborn, headstrong or naturally dominant breeds effectively hence do better with them. Information from breeders and breed associations can help you make the right decision on choosing the right breed for you and help you know whether it’s a challenging dog to work with or train. Health status – Some breeds have generic health concerns therefore clearly evaluating all the issues before deciding on a certain breed is important. Most of these issues can be eliminated by buying from a reputable breeder but chances of some health conditions arising are still th…
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Fading Puppy Syndrome

Fading Puppy Syndrome When you have a newborn healthy litter of puppies born, and then start losing puppies - it really sucks and hits your emotions really hard. It makes you question many things like "what am I doing wrong?" "why am I losing these puppies?" Fading puppy syndrome can mean quite a few different things, but generally, it means when you have puppies that are born and they appear to be perfectly healthy upon arrival but then they start fading away and dying within the first few days or even couple weeks of being born. You have a healthy, beautiful litter of new puppies just born, it is so beautiful to watch them crawl to mommas body and start sucking milk, even when sometimes they do need help learning how to get milk because this is important to the survival of the puppies, making sure they get milk quickly and the colostrum . The puppies are born, momma is doing good, the job is done, right? Sadly, not always. But this is just part of it. Losing puppies ca…
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Who Wants a Puppy!?!?

Who Wants a Puppy!?!? Yeah, You read that right! You are in the right place! This article was written by a guest for our website Who Wants a Puppy! Got puppies? Looking for a worthy person to entrust the care and safety of your puppies too? Look no further! At, you get the opportunity to safely sell your pets to the right people. Pets are some of the most endearing companions that one could ever ask for, and you can bless a lucky person today by making them the proud owner of a new pet. Welcome to the place where you can wind up a VIP raiser today. Since we need you to flourish and we need your doggies home on time, we have created a platform where buyers can choose from a range of pet options to add to the family. Join the world of pet lovers and appreciate access to your own one of a kind online retail facade where you can show prized canines, flaunt shining pets and begin a hanging tight rundown for your world of pets. Moreover, ge…
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Top 10 Dog Breeds

What Are The Top 10 Dog Breeds? Now, just because we have put together this list, does not mean just because a dog breed is on this list makes that dog breed bad, it does not mean that at all! Everyone has their own opinions about dog breeds so this is a list that has been compiled by a guest writer for our website! Are you looking to get a new puppy? Wonder what the most popular dog breed is? Well, look no further. We have compiled the 10 most popular dog breeds for you. 1. Labrador retriever. 27 years running. That’s how long the Labrador retriever has been the most popular dog breed. Known for their black, chocolate or yellow colors these dogs are gorgeous. Contrary to its name the Labrador retriever came from Newfoundland. These dogs are intelligent and the perfect companion for a human given their love of pleasing owners. 2. German Shepherd While they may be number 2 in popularity, German Shepherds are the number 1 choice for many due to their obedience. German s…
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Why Should You Sell Your Puppies Online With Take A Puppy Home (

Why should you use TakeAPuppyHome.Com? If you are a dog lover, then you probably have had a hard time trying to find a puppy at some point. That is because you haven’t used Here, you will get all the services you need pertaining to puppies. One of the main reasons you should use this website is that they offer a wide variety of dog breeders. In this website you can search and find a specific breed in the latest listings category; moreover, you can browse and choose a particular state to have a look at the listings available via their inbuilt search option. You could also create a free account on this particular website and sell puppies online at the comfort of your home. In the website, you find a long list of Facebook groups buying and selling puppies in each state. Your posts will automatically be shared and viewed in all the groups corresponding with your state. As stated, there are numerous benefits that come from using …
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My New Puppy Is Not Wanting To Eat For Me

This also can be very normal for the first little bit or even a few days when your puppy gets to his/her new home with you. The puppy is out of the environment that it grew up in, away from his/her brothers and sisters, around new people and just starting a whole new life. The best thing ALWAYS you can do is be very nice, and gentle to the puppy, never scold or punish a puppy for not wanting to eat or try to force them to eat. As they grow, and start getting used to a new home with you, they will get more eased up and get used to new life with you! There are some things you can do in the meantime to get the puppy to eat and drink. There are many popular puppy foods you can get at your local pet store or even at Wal-Mart such as Ol' Roy that ALL puppies love because it is juicy, and comes in soft chunks. We highly recommend this if you are having problems at the start of getting your puppy to eat if you are having problems. You can mix this with the hard dog food that you are…
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My Puppy Is Getting Car Sick – What Should I Do?

My Puppy Is Getting Car Sick - What Should I Do?

We get this inquiry once in a while, we are driving on our way home and the young doggie vomited, is this typical? Indeed, It can be normal, all little dogs are extraordinary and novel in their own specific manners. You should think, the ride home with your little dog is one of the primary occasions the pup is being in the vehicle, so the pup is essentially getting vehicle debilitated. Your vet can give you prescription to enable your doggie to better with vehicle rides, a few little dogs just do it for the initial couple of vehicle rides, a few doggies develop into puppies that quite often will get vehicle debilitated, and a few canines simply will never get vehicle wiped out, however your vet can assist you with medication for this issue. Additionally, a great method to help maintain a strategic distance from this is to not give the young doggie nourishment for several hours prior to you …
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Help! My Dog Just Ate Chocolate!

Help! My Dog Just Ate Chocolate! Help Me! My dog just ate chocolate, what the heck do I do now? FIRST - CALL YOUR VET. First of all, why is chocolate toxic to dogs? Because it contains caffeine, which both speeds up the heart rate and nervous system of your dog. The risk of your dog becoming sick from eating chocolate depends majorly on the kind and the amount of chocolate that your dog consumed, as well as the size/weight of your dog. Chocolate also contains a chemical called Thebromine, which is safe in humans but can kill your dog. Cocoa powder is most toxic, bakers chocolate is next in line, then semisweet chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate is not very toxic. (Use these tips to help save your dog, do not panic, do not wait until it is too late) The first thing to do if you are already freaking out because your dog ate chocolate, is taking a few deep breaths and handle the situation.  If you have a small dog and they just ate a ton of…
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