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Mary Glover

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Hi Iā€™m a small breeder located in Delaware, I have been breeding English bulldogs for 3 years and I really enjoy this breed. Please make sure you are aware of possible health problems that may occur with this breed before purchasing…..

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Stevens Family Farms

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Our AKC registered breeding pair of Beagles also serve other roles on our farm as warning dogs and varmint deterrents. When not being walked, or played with by our 6 children they stay in a huge 2,500 square foot rotational electric fence paddock. We take a holistic approach to raising our dogs and puppies, we try to avoid using a veterinarian unless absolutely necessary. We prefer to use natural dewormers and natural parasite management to keep health problems to a minimum. We rotate the paddock that the dogs stay in to “fresh pasture” which ensure that they are not constantly in an area where pest are thriving due to a concentration of their own feces.

Please see our website for more info! šŸ™‚

Harvest Moon Retrievers

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Harvest Moon Retrievers is a small, very unique, family run in-home hobby breeder of the finest English Labradors.

* No runs, kennels, “petting zoo”, or farm operation here, just family, show, and hunting companions of the highest quality.

Our goal will always remain to provide families with hand raised, gentle, attentive easy to train personalities with lots of beauty and drive. We are not an “exclusive” show breeder, and use our dogs as they were intended. We know this makes the dog the happiest and healthiest it can be.

Rushmore Gun Dogs

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Our passion for hunting and good gundogs has turned into a business and family obsession. We hunt and hunt test all of our dogs. Mark is also an HRC Judge. We are always working toward a complete gundog. Dogs will keep you humble and always learning.


Our family hunts pheasant, sharptail, ruffed grouse, and ducks. Our dogs are not only proven in the hunt test arena, but in the field as well. Many of our dogs guide at a couple of pheasant lodges a couple months out of the year full time. We are located in South Dakota, the heart of pheasant country where they see plenty of action.


Proven ability, proven health, and proven disposition.

RGD offers health guarantees for genetics, hips, eyes, and elbows.

Our puppies are fully vetted before they go home including health checks, shots, and worming.

Flying S Retrievers

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All of my breeding animals are AKC registered Labrador Retrievers. Our dogs are selected for thier disposition, athletic ability, trainability, and health. Most of our dogs are hunt test titled. We enjoy the outdoors and have various hobbies that involve our dogs including hunting, antler shed hunting, hiking, jeeping, camping, hunt tests, and horseback riding. Our puppies have a 26 month hip, elbow, genetic, and eye guarantee, and come current on all vaccinations and worming. I pride myself on proven dogs, and all of our litters have one or more titled parents. I have a few dogs with talents in more than one area, so keep an eye out for a couple of our dogs in dock diving and Canine Good Citizen as well. I do own and breed standard (DD), silver factored (Dd), and dilute (dd) lines. We do realize that dilutes are not for everyone and respect that. We will be producing standard and dilute litters, so please keep an eye out or feel free to ask. All of our dogs are health tested prior to breeding including OFA hips, elbows, cardiac, dentition, CNM, DM, PRA/PRCD and EIC, and in most cases much, much more.

Though we have a lot of practical medical experience, we are by no means veterinarians. We may share our stories, and life experiences with our clients, but ALWAYS consult your vet when it comes to the health of your animals.

We try to maintain three kinds of dogs here.

The Sporting Gun Dog : Hard charging dogs for the demanding sportsman and experienced dog handler

The Classic Gun Dog: Working dogs in the classic Labrador tradition, calm and biddable, with outstanding game-finding and retrieving ability.

The Occasional Gun Dog: Gentle and intelligent companion dogs that retain hunting instincts.

Dark Wolf Hollow Bullies

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Located in Beattyville, Ky, “Dark Wolf Hollow Bullies” began 3 years ago, selling affordable, purebred American Bullies for those interested in loyal companionship in a nice-looking dog.

Pine Hill Puppies

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We raise quality puppies, that families can enjoy for many years. Most of our dogs are all AKC Registered. In Idaho we are nor required to have a Kennel license, but we still have the local Animal control come and do an inspection on our facility and there were no violations. Our dogs are not raised in indoor kennels our dogs have free access to the outside and have big areas to run and play in.

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