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We are the best place to buy and sell puppies online. We launched in late August 2017 and are striving to be one of the top places for buying and selling puppies, since launch we have already crossed over ONE MILLION visitors! You can simply come here to our website, make a free account, and then start posting your puppies for sale in a matter of no time! We have spent lots of time on making this website super simple to use, no one likes websites that take forever just to do a simple task and when things are impossible to figure out how to use! Here at TakeaPuppyhome.com you can do things quickly, and have a great success level! We are currently serving all 50 states here in the USA. We do want to have a great platform here that anyone of any age can use, no matter if you are a breeder that wants a new, better place to sell your puppies you raise from your stock, if you are someone that just had puppies just this one time and you need to sell them or find them good, new homes, or if you are someone looking to find your newest family member! A dog is man’s best friend, and in most cases can be your family’s best friend! I hope you have a great experience here on takeapuppyhome.com and you will continue to come back as often as possible! To help make this website successful to help not only others out, but help you out, do your best to share the word about our website to family and friends by word of mouth, via Facebook, or any other ways you can think of so we can become the top, simple, safe way to buy or sell dogs/puppies online! Puppies for sale, puppies to buy! We got your back! We will always be adding new features, and making things here even easier to use just when you thought it could not get any easier! Since launching we have constantly put time and money into improving this website to make it easier, faster and better for you to advertise your puppies/dogs. Thanks for your time! God Bless!

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