Top 10 Dog Breeds

What Are The Top 10 Dog Breeds? Now, just because we have put together this list, does not mean just because a dog breed is on this list makes that dog breed bad, it does not mean that at all! Everyone has their own opinions about dog breeds so this is a list that has been compiled by a guest writer for our website! Are you looking to get a new puppy? Wonder what the most popular dog breed is? Well, look no further. We have compiled the 10 most popular dog breeds for you. 1. Labrador retriever. 27 years running. That’s how long the Labrador retriever has been the most popular dog breed. Known for their black, chocolate or yellow colors these dogs are gorgeous. Contrary to its name the Labrador retriever came from Newfoundland. These dogs are intelligent and the perfect companion for a human given their love of pleasing owners. 2. German Shepherd While they may be number 2 in popularity, German Shepherds are the number 1 choice for many due to their obedience. German s…
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