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I had an accidental litter of puppies from a new dog that  just adopted from a friend, turns out she was pregnant when I got her and I did not even know it, I have since got her fixed, but my main point is that I had no idea what I was going to be able to do with the 6 puppies she had! Luckily, I came across this website and was able to rehome all of these puppies to new forever homes in a matter of a few days! Thanks, Takeapuppyhome —– this website is a lifesaver.  – Ashleigh (Nevada)

I cannot believe this service helped me this much!!! I sold my puppy within 48 hours of posting her to your website!! Thanks so much for this great opportunity and service!  – Katie (Kansas City, MO)

Thx so much for this website! It took like 10 seconds to sign up which is free and easy, and it took less than 60 seconds to post my dog for sale that needed a new home since I am moving to a smaller apt and cannot have any pets, which I hated to do, but I found her a new home easily with your service! Thx so much TakeAPuppyHome!!
– Morgan L. (Branson, Mo)

Yall are life savers! I have never sold a litter of puppies this fast in my life! From now on, this is my go 2 place to easily sell my future litters of puppies! – Ashley Meg (Florida)

Why is every breeder not using your website take a puppy home??!?! There are so many other websites to sell puppies but they either charge an arm and a leg, or they just do not work, this one does! I suggest everyone that needs to sell puppies or rehome dogs to use this website, take my advice and just do it! Thank God for yall! – Allan (Memphis, TN)

wow wow wow and wow…. I had never heard of your website until yesterday, but I am happy i finally did find it! This is soooo easy to use, and my phone was ringing like crazy people wanting to buy puppies from my litter of poodles that are ready to go to new homes and get a new family.!.! Since I posted them yesterday, I have deposits put down on 2, some buyer came and picked up one today, so I only have 2 left, and 3 out of the 5 are sold or spoken for now within 24 hours, I have never had this much luck selling any of my puppies until I found your great service! Keep it up! I am spreading the word! – Happy Paws Farms (Nevada)

Awesome free service! I love so much, i always list my litters here that i have available and always get lots of calls for people wanting my puppies!  – Hedi L.

Thanks for allowing us to get your paid advertising! It really helped us get even more calls by having almost everyone that visits your site see our ad on the top of the homepage of the website. It was only $50 dollars for a whole month and all my puppies sold super fast. Hands down the best service ever! Beats all the other services out there! Thanks so much for all the hard work put into this website and all the free stuff you do to help people rehome puppies all the time, God Bless!  – Norma